Barrhaven, Ontario, Canada




Many Barrhaven residents face difficult, time-consuming commutes to work each day. Despite this problem, there haven’t been any alternative transit solutions on the table since Barrhaven was eliminated from the LRT project in 2006. As city councillor for Ward 3, I will tackle this challenge by exploring a partnership between the government and Via Rail. Via Rail is currently looking for additional sources of revenue and a dual carriageway on rail lines. We can leverage these needs to partner with Via Rail and bring shuttle trains to Barrhaven during rush hour.  I believe that this will be the most cost-effective solution for the city, Via Rail, and local residents. It may require extensive consultation, but if we work together, we can bring commuter trains to Barrhaven.



Barrhaven’s growing population requires better city planning. With our existing infrastructure, we’re facing increasing traffic congestion and a greater number of fatal collisions, which reduce our safety and fuel economy and place a burden on our wallets. 

As city councillor for Ward 3,  I will focus on widening narrow sections of major roads to streamline traffic flow and reduce commute times.   My top priority will be to widen Greenbank Road  between  Fallowfield Road  and  Hunt Club Road,  Cambrian Road  to  Borrisokane Road,  and  Borrisokane Road  to  Strandherd Drive.  I will also accelerate the existing plan to widen Strandherd Drive and create a grade separation at the railway crossing.      In addition, I’ll revisit the study on creating a potential railway crossing underpass at Fallowfield Road and Woodroffe Avenue. This study was conducted in 2014 but ultimately shelved. 

Moreover, to improve safety on community roads, I will improve the number and visibility of speed limit signs and ensure that potholes are repaired quickly. I’ll also advocate for the installation of elevated bike tracks, which will not only protect cyclists but also reduce stress for drivers and protect green spaces. 

When improving roads in Barrhaven, I won’t sit back and wait for residents to raise concerns. I’ll examine the roads myself as I drive around the community.


Sports help youth learn important life skills, stay fit, and manage stress. I’ll create more sports facilities for youth in Barrhaven, including facilities for soccer and basketball in the summer and hockey and skating in the winter. I’ll accomplish this by making use of existing spaces in the community and identifying non-profit and community organizations that can provide cost-effective training and coaching for youth.


 As a resident of Barrhaven with young children, I’m committed to making the community a safer place to live. To do this, I’ll work with the police and community agencies to curb street and gang violence. I’ll also advocate for safer municipal regulations for the sale of recreational marijuana. Although recreational marijuana has been legalized by the federal government, cities are responsible for regulating how it is sold. I propose limiting public cannabis use to licensed cannabis cafés, establishments where users can purchase and use cannabis. I also propose creating cannabis usage permits for users who wish to use cannabis at their premises (e.g., residence). These permits would be issued to users by the city in the same way that the city issues accessible parking permits. These regulations will ensure the safety of all members of the Barrhaven community.


 As our population ages, it’s important to identify cost-effective ways to support seniors in the city. As city councillor for Ward 3, I’ll coordinate with health practitioners and pharmacists to organize quarterly health education workshops for seniors.


Improving Barrhaven infrastructure has many benefits for residents, but it also costs money. Instead of increasing property taxes for residents, I’ll find alternative ways to fund city planning projects and to reduce water and sewer costs.


To keep our community safe, it’s important that we manage waste effectively. As city councillor for Ward 3, I’ll advocate on your behalf to have residential garbage picked up weekly for the three months of the summer (June 15 to September 15).  I’ll also work to stop atomic waste disposal near Ottawa. The city’s existing council has quietly allowed a consortium to dump atomic waste at Chalk River, next to the Ottawa River. This poses serious harm to our environment and the health of our children and grandchildren. As city councillor for Ward 3, I will fight to stop waste management practices that pose a threat to our community.


It’s important to support young and new residents of Barrhaven to help them become productive members of our community. I will conduct workshops for such residents to help them pursue their professional goals, find entry-level jobs related to their interests, and secure small business loans.


As the city councillor for a growing ward, I will encourage developers to come up with more cost-effective, reliable, and sustainable development proposals.


I’m committed to maintaining an open dialogue with Barrhaven residents so that I can be your voice at city hall. To do this, I’ll host consultation sessions with different groups in the community (e.g., seniors, youth, women, business owners, and members of ethnic groups) so that I can effectively listen to and address your concerns.


As an experienced financial manager, I’ll be able to provide guidance on financial management to Barrhaven residents and help you identify cost-effective tools to manage your finances and plan for the future.


Whether you want to ask a question, discuss a concern, or simply chat, I’ll be available by phone and email. My community matters to me, and when there’s a problem, I’ll be there to address it.